Mill Hill,  2021
238 m²  /  2,561 ft²

We mustered all our spatial ingenuity and interiors skills to turn this boxy, early 1930s detached house into a warm and spacious home for our client’s growing, young family.

Working to a specific budget, room by room, everything feels bespoke, even when it isn’t. For example, we fitted the kitchen out with a Howdens carcass but sourced tasteful doors from Naked Doors. A chunky island worktop contrasts with a thinner kitchen counter, giving the former the visual heft of real concrete, and generating a playful differentiation between the two.

The playroom was formerly a concrete-floored garage. Here, engineered timber gives the floor the feel and warmth of solid wood, while skirting, mouldings and doors are painted Farrow and Ball Dutch Orange to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere, further lifted by putting low VOC wallpaper on the ceiling.

Contrasting with the richer tones in other rooms, the hallway features warm greige painted datums and doors, while the predominantly bespoke joinery ties all the spaces together.

The living room has a more formal feel, with dark, rich tones, contrasted with black and white furniture and fixtures – all of them picked by us, to fit the budget but exceed expectation.

The master bathroom features green onyx tiles and brass sanitaryware to make it feel more luxurious than it actually is.

The master bedroom is designed to feel warm and serene, like a space for retreat, with layered, neutral tones and textures layered.

‘The ROAR team were instrumental to delivering a home we are beyond proud of. The detail and effort they went to surpassed all our expectations and more to the point, the decisions they made were critical in giving it the wow factor it now has! We could never have made those decisions without their skillset, quality and creativity.’  –  Josh