The Sidings

East Acton,  2022
1,517 m²  /  16,328 ft²

We were asked to create memorable, contemporary interiors with a strong sustainability agenda for this development of around 30 flats in Acton for GS8.

We researched and selected a sophisticated, earth-toned palette of high quality, low-impact materials such as jute, low VOC wallpapers, low VOC paints and recycled timber terrazzo. We have used Foresso – a durable and attractive material made from unavoidable waste – in kitchen worktops, and bathroom panels are by Smile Plastics, which are 100% recycled and recyclable.

Everything we proposed we wanted to touch the earth lightly. But we also wanted to push the programme beyond the usual bland developer palette, and persuaded our client to offer two different coloured bathrooms, with a dramatic dark option as well as a light, cream-toned one.

These Smile Plastics panels in the bathroom look as glamorous as classic terrazzo, but instead of coming from an extractive, highly polluting process, these convert plastic waste to make something beautiful.