Our practice is founded on a passion for and belief in the transformative nature of architecture. Our aim is to elevate the everyday through bold and playful designs which push boundaries while touching the earth lightly.

We work across architecture and interiors, collaborating closely with clients, craftsmen and specialists to create spaces of lasting value – purposeful, economically viable and a pleasure to inhabit.

Our speciality is retrofit: repurposing existing buildings is always a priority over demolition. Paying close attention to the existing context, we choose materials and forms that enrich the character of the building and its surroundings.


Craig Rosenblatt

Shaun O’Brien

Milana Raic
Interior Architect

Lisa Donkin
Senior Architect

Makbule Karadag
Part II Architectural Assistant

Bev Gibbs
Studio Manager

Claudia Valcarel
Architectural Designer



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